Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scenes from the Art Show

We had a great turnout at the art show last night at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Here I am showing my comic to a potential customer, who, as you can see, is immediately riveted and enthralled by the plot of the comic.
Actually, a big surprise of the night was looking up to see my old friend EJ Maryott. We went to school together at Mansfield University, where we both were members of the prestigious group of rogues and scholars, The Sixth Floor Mutants. It was great to catch up with an old friend!
Proprietor Jared Aiosa cleared the racks and let me fill up a section with my comics. All the other racks, he took down and turned the place into an art gallery for the night. I can't believe he did that, and for all his efforts, I deem him Best Comic Book Guy Ever!
There was a lot of my original art on the wall. There was tons of art throughout the shop, but after this picture, I got to talking and forgot to take more pictures! My wife tells me that men are not good at multi-tasking and I suspect she's right.


Josh Blair said...

That's awesome!

Ben Villarreal said...

Nice! It looks very professional, and that's both a compliment to you and the proprietor.

Paul Bozzo said...

Sounds like a good showing was had by all. congrats!