Thursday, March 5, 2009

ABC Challenge: Light's Out!

This is my entry for this month's Art by Committee challenge. The assignment this time is to draw our interpretation of this following quote -- an actual excerpt from a science fiction novel:

"I lashed out with my left arm, clutched something thin and hard, tore at it; the next second a banana tree fell across my chest. But the pain was..."


Ben Villarreal said...

On a blogging note, I like how you made posts about cluttered work spaces and superhero hideouts, and then posted a comic that contained elements of each previous post :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ben. Ideas kind of run together. I'm taking a class on classroom management and organization. My research led me to the info on clutter, etc. The ABC prompt reminded me of some of these ideas and inspired me to create a lair for my character. I researched other superheroes to kind of pilfer and exaggerate some ideas.

Marek Bennett said...

Actually, that quote is plagiarized from my Nicaraguan travel journals. You'll be hearing from my legal department.

Dave H said...

Nice pages, Andy.

"The Fortress of Abdication" is a hilarious name for a hideout.