Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life is Funny...Except when it's Not!

Rules for Diary Comics

Diary comics.  For me, there is a rule.  Draw one for every day. It has to be something that really happened. If possible, something that happened on that day.  But what if many things happen on one day?  Can a diary entry be something you are thinking about that day? I'm loosening up a little that way. The "Taco Night" incident happened a few weeks ago, but I never got to draw it.

An Unexpected Journey

I have a seven year old son who suddenly can't get enough information about Middle Earth.  I have been enjoying taking this journey again with him. 

A New Start

Life is Funny...Except When its Not!

Whenever I get invited to a comic show, I quickly put together a mini-comic of the most recent LIFEWIN's.  Eventually, I'll put them all in some kind of book.  For now, they are all online for free here, and on Facebook.

Diary Comics