Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oral History Fair

Look who made the front page of our local paper -- my stepdaughter Marissa Eddy and her great-grandfather Cecil Morningstar. Marissa made an awesome display and report about Grandpa, a World War 2 hero of MacArthur's army in the Phillipines. You can read about our district awesome Oral History curriculum in this article. It is headed up by a great teacher named Dick Heyler, who's also the director of the Endless Mountains Writing Project -- something I'm proud to be a part of.

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Anonymous said...

Delta Wales.... this is your life.

Andy Blais here... tracking down your Pinecrest (it was the 6th floor, yes?) butt from more than 20 years back..... I was a WNTE guy -- still in high school at the time and I still remember the Delta Bentley Frisco band.... how's that grab you? Love the blog and love that you're living the dream and doing God's work with the kids. I'll actually be in the area in a week, stage-managing a dance show in Scranton and, god-willing, doing some turkey hunting. Cheers!