Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comics in Class

One of my co-workers gave me a copy of the April 25 Time Magazine for Kids. The cover story is on the "Power of Comics" and asks the question, "Can cartoons turn kids into superreaders?" The whole story can be read online here.

This month's issue of Instructor has an article about comics as well. They recommend a comics lesson as the last lesson of the year -- with a challenge to students to create a comic over the summer. Here's a quote from the article about why comics in the classroom is such a great idea:

Moreover, students known for behavior problems during typical reading and
writing activities were the most engaged during comic book lessons. “Suddenly
these kids became leaders,” says Bitz. “They collaborated and started to work
together to become part of education, whereas before they were shut out.”
Creating comic books is an opportunity for kids who struggle with reading to
excel because, says Bitz, “it’s not about speed. It’s about the story and about
how creative you can be.”

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