Friday, May 23, 2008

The Mighty Andar -- Stranger in a Strange Land

One of my favorite artist blogs is the Gurney Journey, by artist James Gurney. He's currently holding a challenge he calls Art by Committee. He posts a random selection of a science fiction novel and asks any willing artists to interpret it visually.

This week's challenge is to illustrate this scene.
"Stone emitted a kind of bark -- ha! -- and showed his teeth again."
We have no idea what novel it came from or anything else about the story. Here's my submission:
I guess this is my take on Planet Hulk or Prisonbreak. I don't know. This could be the beginning of a story though. That's why I like these types of challenges. They suggest new directions to go with my comics I wouldn't have considered.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy,

What an awesome idea to do a comic panel solution. Stone looks like a guy you wouldn't want to mess with. I had a school principal who wouldn't show his teeth unless I was in trouble, and I always lived in dread of seeing them.

Thanks for pitching in,

Jim Gurney

Paul Bozzo said...

very impressive! keep up the good work.