Saturday, May 31, 2008

Art by Committee -- "A Long, Long Way from Home"

I'm really enjoying the Art by Committee challenge at James Gurney's blog. Click here to see some of the imaginative entries from last week's challenge Stone's Bark. This week's assignment is to draw a scene that illustrates this line of text:

"a third had blotched skin of black and white, like a goat's, a fourth had four pair of arms, and the three others were of such an aspect they were actually indescribable.

For this entry, I used as a starting point my last comic strip and wondered, how did the Mighty Andar get to this place? Maybe future entries will help me fill in the gaps. It's an interesting way to make a comic, jumping back and forth from different points in the story.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andrew

It's so cool the way you think it through as a comic
continuity. Makes for a great setup for the sketch.
Thanks again for lending your brain and hand to the

Jim G.

Paul Bozzo said...

I agree - your comic sense works wonderfully with J. Gurney's "art by committee" concept. I'm looking forward to the next one, Earthling!