Sunday, June 1, 2008

From the Archives -- Childhood Drawings

A while ago, my mom gave me a folder full of drawings I had made in elementary school. I don't remember a lot about my art classes from those days, but I do remember making this drawing. This is one of those drawings the art teachers tell kids they can make when they are done with a project. "Now you can draw anything you want." I was interested in Beethoven because I had read about Schroder's passion for him in the Peanuts comic strip. This led me to wonder what he looked like and what his music sounded like. There was a poster of him in the music room.

I quickly made a drawing of him. There's a reason he has a five o'clock shadow. One of my classmates said, "Ooh, look, Andy's drawing a girl, he must like girls." I quickly made his eyebrows thicker and gave him some stubble to show his masculinity. I'm guessing I was eight or nine.

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Paul Bozzo said...

Amazing, just amazing! What a gift to have some of your early masterpieces!!