Sunday, June 8, 2008

Curriculum Comics #1 -- Part 3

Here is the final installment of my comic book The Teacher as Reflective Practitioner.

The first (and most important) review is in -- that of the professor teaching the class. I received a grade of 100% and these comments:

The comic strip sketch book chronicled your experiences with reflection, as you stated, even before you knew you were engaged in reflective practices. Each segment added personal and scholarly applications in terms of continued reflection and its subsequent impact on your teaching.

Your experiences introducing the sketchbook to your students, reflecting on their responses, and then making necessary adjustments were a testament to the power of reflective practices to inform instruction. I know that your students and colleagues will benefit greatly from your talent and ability to bridge humor and reflection in order to stimulate creative change in education. Excellent work!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy,

My wife Jeanette and I both got a great laugh out of the "Reflective Learning" comic you sent me. Brilliant satire and thoughtful comment as only a comic can do. I love the way you set up the rewards differently to encourage the students to sketch. What a great program.

And thanks for the two-pager ABC. You're an inspiration not just to your students but to art teachers everywhere.

Jim Gurney

Marek Bennett said...

Andy --

This is intriguing... I like how you didn't so much learn to do reflective practice as you did REALIZE what your reflective practice had been all along. Have you ever thought about asking the kids to choose their top sketches from Sketchapalooza, and anthologize them in a school publication? Kids love to share their work, and I can just imagine the excitement the 4th and 3rd graders would feel to see the sketches and look forward to their 5th grade year!

-- Marek