Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comics in the Classroom in the News

A few weeks ago, the news crew from WETM came to my classroom to see how kids are using comics to learn to read, write, and draw. According to Bart, our school's IT, it took "some tears and a couple quizzical looks and some stress balls may have died" -- but it can now be seen on You Tube here.


Anonymous said...

Wow- Your a celebrity! LOL!
Great job Andy. :)

Marek Bennett said...

A --

Hooray! Good work there... I especially like the kids' quotes, and man, Hayley Hazard is a great name, too!

And I like that tagline: "Having fun... WHILE learning!" (The implied opposite effect)

-- M.

Unknown said...

Check out this article:

Unknown said...

You rock Mr. Wales!

I love this work!