Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Toying with Texture: Creating Art using Everyday Tools

Although I usually only write about comics art, it's worth taking a look at the textured paintings of Paul Bozzo. Both of our local newspapers have articles about Paul this week (here and here). Even though I already knew him, I learned a lot about his unique textured paintings.
This artists makes paintings on masonite panels using drywall joint compound. He uses just about everything you can imagine to create textures.
Like a lot of artists, a key element of the art comes from childhood experience,
As a child the artist had small, plastic toys of cowboys, which featured a
saddle that appeared only as lines in the plastic and weren't painted. A friend
of Bozzo's noticed he could make the saddle appear more visible if he rubbed
paint onto the toy. From that experience, Bozzo developed his art later in life.
"Who knows what's in your mind that you might use for something else one day,"
Bozzo told the students.
From what I have read about a lot of artists, it's not unusual for something
that intrigues that artist in childhood becomes something they revisit in
their art again and again. That's why I consider it an honor and a trust
to present children with experiences and opportunities that just might
lead to a lifetime of enjoyment in art.
Check out more of this artist's work at Bozzo Art.


Paul Bozzo said...

Thanks for the great post and insights! I've spent the last two days teaching intermediate art at Holy Family in Elmira. One of their teachers is a good friend of Lynn Rosenberger. Tomorrow I teach 3rd and 4th grade!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wales "Andy" ....I am so proud of the artwork that you do and the impact it has on individuals. I am sure your kindness is expresses as you teach them. Your sister, Louise