Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Art Projects

Below is a card I made for Kristan's birthday today. The heart's are cut out, so you can see a bit of the picture within.

Okay, so I swiped the idea from a card I saw in the store. But, it's just for fun, right? When Nathan saw it, he wanted to paint his own scene of the three of us eating at a restaurant. Below is his painting of (left to right) himself, Daddy and Mommy. We are all eating from orange plates. Daddy and Mommy are eating lettuce but he's eating mac 'n' cheese.

After he finished his painting for Mommy he asked me to draw the Hulk so he could paint it.


Matt said...

Precious! It's so wonderful to see that art is such a familial passion in your house.

Paul Bozzo said...

Way to score points with your wife! - but I'm not sure if they are plus or minus?
Nathan's view of the world is amazing - keep those drawing and painting tools in his hands.