Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cover Re-covered #7: The Infinity War

This is the latest installment of a series of pictures I call The Comics Re-covery Project. I choose comic book covers I like and redraw them in my own style as a learning exercise. The cover design strategy employed here is one I call A Bunch of Heroes Standing Around Doing Nothing. It's actually used a lot in comics of the last two decades. Yes, they're just loitering, but the looks on their faces say, "As soon as we're done posing for this picture, we are really gonna kick some butt!"

Wolverine here seems to be saying, "Listen here, bub! I hope you bought your tickets -- for the GUN SHOW!"

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Anonymous said...

I always love the recovery project, especially when you can slip in the Mighty Andor. I've never really thought about comparing you to other traditional comic artists, but I found myself looking for Groo the Wanderer when I saw this cover.