Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Mantle of Elijah -- Part 2

I've finished the story and I've come to a conclusion: I do not like to draw crowd scenes. Unfortunately, if I'm going to illustrate any more of these Bible tales, I'll probably have to do more of them. Crowds frequently seemed to assemble in those days. Until the advent of CNN I guess people had to go check things out themselves in person.

The other tricky scene to illustrate was the parting of the Jordan River. Having never seen a river parted in person, I can only speculate what it must of looked like. Did it pile up on one side or did it momentarily solidify like jello. My drawing looks like the latter, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.


Paul Bozzo said...

It's been awesome to see you produce so many new comics - it's like the old days when I would have a brand new 10 cent comic book in my hands - just can't hardly wait to read them! Thanks for the fun (which is one of the four basic needs of us humans!)

Marek Bennett said...

Andy --

I'm glad you're finishing up this storyline! You're PROLIFIC these days! The next ECLECTIC COMICS is going to RAWK.

As for crowd scenes, I'd recommend CEREBUS: CHURCH & STATE VOL. I for some very efficient treatments of massive crowds.

-- Marek