Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mantle of Elijah -- Part 1

The church I go to is quite small, but once a year, we let our pastor go on vacation. When he does, we all do our best to fill in for him. Somebody grabs a guitar, somebody else a Bible and attempts to say something edifying. Last week was my turn. What I do is make a comic ahead of time. I make each panel a slide in a Powerpoint program. Then I tell the story with the pictures and make comments along the way. This story is about many things: zeal for God, discouragement, burnout, and the Call of God on an individual's life. I believe God has a job for each one of us. We do what we can for others and for Him and that's responding to that call. He is the ultimate artist, who has made a separate design for each one of us.

As in the story of Gideon I drew, this Bible story refers to The Angel of the Lord appearing. Many Bible scholars believe this is a pre-incarnate visitation of Jesus.

That's all that is done so far. I will add more to it next week.


Unknown said...

Your lettering is impeccable. I'm jealous. :)

Ben Villarreal said...

Wow, really nice work! I'm a big fan of your Bible story comics, or any Bible story comics for that matter. I'm also a big fan of metaphors for God, like your Artist one. Amongst my circle of hardcore lifeguards, we call him the Guardian :-)

Anonymous said...

My children will enjoy reading this. Thank you for sharing your gift.