Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Donut Boy/Justice League Team-up

The two-page comic strip below is the result of a request from friends. Our good friends are decorating their son's room with a comic book theme and they asked if I could "put him in a comic story". He already has the nickname of Donut Boy, so I drew him into a Justice League story. It was kind of fun to do a comic using the familiar DC characters, but drawing them in my own warped style.

The final version I give to Donut Boy for his room will be in color. Some of you who read this must be thinking, "I want to see a friend or family member of my own drawn into a comic story." Have no fear, I'm taking commissions. We're buying a house and we're going to be needing the money. E-mail me at for your requests.

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Paul Bozzo said...

Super idea! I'd like to see the drawings colored and framed - another post!