Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Comics in Education Demo

A couple weekends ago, I was asked to present a "demo of a demo."  Participants of the Endless Mountains Writing Project are asked to create  a presentation for other teachers that demonstrate activities that integrate the dynamic teaching of writing with subject areas.  In 2005, when I participated in the EMWP, my demo was on using comics to teach the writing of dialogue and the research that supports the use of comics to teach.

Since then, I've presented that about thirty times, tweaking it a little each time to illustrate how we can use comics to teach reading, literary devices, anti-bullying, and just about anything. I've presented it at the National Conference for Teachers of English, the Keystone State Reading Conference, the Norman Rockwell Museum, and many other places.  It is always well-received, because I think it's one example of how teachers can stress essential skills, while at the same time offer opportunities for creative activity -- and fun!
 Part of my presentation included drawing activities such as "how to create original cartoon characters". 
Here are a few of this year's participants in the Endless Mountains Writing Project.   The philosophy of the National Writing Project is that teachers are change agents, and

play a vital role in leading sustained efforts to improve learning in our schools. NWP teacher-leaders study and share effective practices that enhance student writing and learning, work collaboratively with other educators, design resources, and take on new roles in effecting positive change.
I always say that the Writing Project was the best professional development experience I ever participated in and I highly recommend it!


Ben Villarreal said...

Sounds awesome! I keep meaning to check that project out!

Paul Bozzo said...

I really enjoyed your presentation years ago in old Allen Hall - and now it's better! Wow, and is that the Wren's Nest I see in the background.