Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Innovator vs. Qualitative Scholar

I've been doing a lot of reading from educational journals and textbooks. That reading can sometimes be kind of dry, so I really appreciate how author Michael Quinn Patton writes in an informal style and includes a lot of parables, jokes and cartoons.

This comic is inspired by one of Halcolm's Law's of Inquiry. Halcolm is a fictional sage-like character created by Patton, a qualitative research expert. The cartoon guy standing next to "cartoon me" is how I picture this character.

This cartoon illustrates how there's a lot more involved in doing research than you might think at first!


Ben Villarreal said...

This is really cool. And it inspires me to quick stalling online and finish my conference paper :-)

Paul Bozzo said...

Fun, fun, funny! I like how the researcher becomes multiple images. Your "final" solution is perfect.

paula g. said...

This is great,a brilliant visual for what is quite a difficult concept!!!

lillisoz said...

This is a wonderful funny visualization of the qualitative research concepts - thanks a lot! I will reblog it soon on my blog (in german)


lillisoz said...

A wonderful funny visualization of the qualitative resarch concepts...! Thanks a lot - I sure will reblog it soon on my own (german) blog.
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