Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ice Breaker -- A T.A.I.L.S. Comic

These comic strips are simple, have just a few facts, and hopefully a little chuckle. They take an unbelievably long time to make. The topic is assigned to me, in this case: Arctic. Okay, with a subject that broad, what do I include? First, I read everything I could find about scientists in the arctic. No ideas. Then someone donated to me about 100 back issues of National Geographic! Hallay-loo-yah! What a goldmine! This comic strip is inspired by a true scientific expedition. Then from start to finish it took about 8 hours to complete. This will appear in an upcoming issue of Boy's Quest magazine.

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Dave H said...

Wow! 3 finished pages in 8 hours actually seems unbelievably fast. One page a day would seem right to me.

These are great. I like the drama of the ice breaking panel.