Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Mighty Andar -- Spaced Out

Think about the way you sneeze. For most people, there are three steps: Preparation, Execution and Recovery. Most actions can be shown effectively in these same three steps. Think of a golf swing: the golfer pulling the club gback, the contact of the club and the ball, and the follow through of the club and the ball flying through the air.

This week's challenge at 52 Challenges was to apply the "sneeze theory" to show action in several three panel strips. This exercise can help cartoonists refine their visual storytelling technique and try several different types of action. Paying attention to the sneeze theory will make sure that you are always picking three of the most important parts of the action.

Now, for a limited time only -- while supplies last... Leave a comment - get a sticker! Yes, that's right. Leave a comment, then email me your snail mail address. A T.A.I.L.S or Mighty Andar Sticker will soon arrive in the mail. Be the envy of all your friends. Claim your sticker today!


anna said...

You crack me up.

l. nichols said...

i like the energy of this.

anna said...

Thanks for the sweet stickers!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I come here pretty often, I click through from 43 things. If I ever get a scanner, I'll start posting there, but until then keep up the good work.

Oh, you can owe the sticker to me, if supplies last that long.

Anonymous said...

I love the art, humor, and especially the heroization of a balding middle-age man. The only thing missing is the occasional shot of a disproportioned "bad girl" in an outfit two sizes too small, but I guess I'll have to buy almost any comic off the stand or watch Cartoon Network to get that. Excellent work old man, keep it up.