Friday, October 12, 2007

Challenge #8: Juxtaposition, or "A Team for Andar"

Juxtaposition is the act of putting two different elements together, to create a reaction or feeling in the reader, be it contrast, comparison, irony or something else. You might have worked with a Random Plot Generator before. But you probably have a great random plot generator right in your hall closet! Pictionary cards can give you a great list of concepts and elements to incorporate into a short comic to exercise your improv skills.

Homework for Artists and Writers:
Pull a card from a Pictionary deck and draw a one page comic that includes all 5 items on the card. They can have as little or as much importance in the comic as you like. As a footnote to the comic or in your blog post, list the 5 items that had to be included. Think about Juxtaposition as you combine unlikely elements.

Well, this is the comic I created for Challenge #8. We don't have Pictionary, but we do have Pictionary Jr. The five objects I had to include in my comic were: bar code, blindfold, bulldozer, black cat and banjo. Here it is!


l. nichols said...

ha! those sure are some lame superheroes :)

l. nichols said...

grar. i posted that before i was done.

i thought this was really funny. a creative use of those five words. it's really interesting to see what other people make for the 52 comic challenge. i mean... i never would've thought of making this, but it's wonderful! if i had had those five words, it probably would've been something like.... everyone has barcodes on them and are zombies and there's this blind-folded bulldozer driver going around demolishing all the nice buildings and putting up malls and all the while there's this black cat with a banjo singing the blues. or something like that.

keep on keepin' on [grin]

Unknown said...

Actually, that would make a pretty great comic!