Friday, September 28, 2007

Caricature Idol

Last spring, when American Idol frenzy was at its peak, I did a unit on caricature with my fifth grade classes. They enjoyed choosing to draw one of the contestants in the Top Ten that was either one of their favorites or one they really wanted to see go. While I did this unit, I did my own drawings of each of the Top Twelve. Some were not more than quick sketches, but these are the ones that turned out best and that I spent a little more time on.

The kids also wrote a paragraph about who they wanted to win and why, or who they thought should be voted off or why. They really got excited about writing about this hugely popular show. I think if I do it next year, I'll even design a rubric. They'll be able to earn a 2, a 3, or a 4.

2= Fair. Paula loves it!
3= Good. Randy thought it needed some work, but you're still one of his dogs.
4= Great. Even Simon thinks it's awesome!

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anna said...

These crack me up! What a creative approach to a drawing lesson :)