Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life is Funny...(Except when it's Not)

 Life is Funny is the title of my new "diary comic".  A lot of my art making involves making "rules" for myself.  The rule for these is that every day I have to make one, and for the most part, it has to be something that happened that day.  If I cheat a little, it can be something I was thinking about that day.  I think the busyness of  life dictates that someday that they may be a little looser, but I'm really enjoying the immediacy of them.  I think it's really helping me to push myself.

I've only missed a couple days, but the was during the Herobot Comic convention preparation and then the con itself.  The last page here is the cover I made for them. I assembled them into a mini-comic and sold those at the con for a buck. 

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Paul Bozzo said...

Great title for your "dailies"! I'm amazed at all the ideas that you keep you going. Nice work.