Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Draw your Life -- Live your Art

I now have a second issue of diary comics.  I will continue to publish Eclectic Comics, but part of my reason for making Life is Funny was to have something I can print more cheaply and quickly.  This issue has a cardstock cover, and thanks to a great Thursday sale at UPS, I can offer them for two bucks!  It's more like the format of a mini-comic.  I've found that at comic shows, it's good to offer things at different price points.  

 This is the preface to issue #2. 

My grown daughter Anna was visiting for the holidays.   She is an excellent artist herself, and contributed the two comic strips below.


Paul Bozzo said...

I really like your title - what a great diary you will have in 20 0r 30 years!

KNM said...

Wonderful blog ( and cartoons/comics).

I just stumbled on your blog when I was researching Multiple Intelligence ...and you have inspited me to try to tell a story using simple stick figures !