Sunday, November 20, 2011

Modern Art

This comic was inspired by an incident described in Rauschenberg by Mary Lynn Kotz. I love reading books about artists. As I'm reading, I can picture the whole book in my imagination as if it were a graphic novel -- drawn by me. This is fun, but frustrating. I wish I could draw the whole thing out! My consolation is to draw little vignettes of books I've read. I collect stories of when two artists interacted -- and what happened when they did. If you know any good stories about artists, let me know! I am only interested in stories that we can be quite certain they really happened.

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Matt said...

Very cool story. Like you, I love it when two artistic visions collide; the results are always very entertaining.

I did some lithography back in college and let me tell you: that is one labor-intensive (but fun) process. Heavy, too. :D