Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Writers

This is a t-shirt design I drew for the Endless Mountains Writing Project, which I belong to. It's the local chapter for the National Writing Project. Our goal is to improve writing instruction in schools, including in subject areas like art. If you're a teacher of any subject, I highly recommend the experience.

We came up with the design at our recent retreat. I guess the idea is: join us, and the next great writer could be you! It's hard to compile a list of "Greats" without leaving out some greats. However, I think we came up with a diverse group of great writers, including some who have written in the fields of science and math. Oh, and there's a couple graphic novelists in there!

1 comment:

Wayne Beeman said...

Wonderful concept and very well done. Makes me want to be the next great writer. Well, off to my brain storming session.