Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Challenge to Care in Schools

This comic is my submission to a proposed book called Letters to Nell. It is a book of letters from educators to Nell Noddings, author of a great book called The Challenge to Care in Schools. Teacher College Press says that the book:

envisions a school system built on the idea that different people have different strengths, and that these strengths should be cultivated in an environment of caring, not of competition. She suggests that if we make the responsiveness characteristic of caring more basic than accountability, we can accommodate both traditional and progressive preferences in one school system to the benefit of all . . . especially the children.

My "letter" is in comic strip form. The kind of teaching described by Noddings reminded me of my high school art teacher, Kathryn Rice-Cummings. This comic is my tribute to teachers like her!


Anonymous said...


This is GREAT! Nell Noddings book, The Challege to Care In Schools is a call to action for all of us, especially during these challenging times. I deeply appreciate your honoring teachers to take up this challenge to CARE. It is wonderful to hear there is a new book forthcoming Letters to Nell. It's great you and your art work will be a part of that.
Bravo, Ann, president of your fan club at Alfred University!

Ben Villarreal said...

Great comic, as always, Andy! I had a similar teacher (and similar story) as you, who really put the idea of being a writer into my head. Those are the great ones :-)

Paul Bozzo said...

Touching story, Andy. Your work means* a lot to me - thanks!

Marek Bennett said...

It's both fun and brave to draw yourself as such a callow youth... and even more so to draw that alternate-universe Andy Wales, CPA!