Monday, April 27, 2009

Curriculum Comics #3: Classroom Discipline

I've just completed issue #3 of Curriculum Comics! This issue is on the subject of discipline. This series of comics have all been made as part of my pursuit to get my PhD in Curriculum and Teaching. This is how I make them. I choose a topic for a final project for each course. Then I research that topic. I read everything I can find on the subject. While I'm reading, ideas come to mind. I make some sketches here and there. Then I put it all together in a way that presents what I've learned and reflected on.

So there's a lot of truth and facts in each one, but they're presented (hopefully) in a humorous way.


Ben Villarreal said...

Huzzah! I don't have time to read it now (ironically because I have to go teach), but I'll definitely be checking it out soon! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I have discovered your blog at:

Your comics are a fun and interesting summary of learning concepts and make a useful reference.

I am involved in an E-Learning Community of Practice internally within the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I am seeking your permission to make available your Curriculum comics on "Learning Styles" and "Teacher as Reflective Practitioner!" locally for our E-Learning Community of Practice members to view.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anthony Harman

TA Technology Services Division (Qld)
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. If I go for my masters, maybe I'll be able to do something like your PhD approach. And if I go for my PhD, I'll put the subject idea in comic form.

Really neat.

Till again, Wayne

Paul Bozzo said...

Oh my! What a classic bit of writing and cartooning! As a former elementary teacher, I appreciate your efforts to make sense of the theories out there - some way out there. I like your solution - we should understand all the theories out there and use the best ideas from them all. I believe it's called "common sense." said...


I just stumbled on your site by accident (love it!), and I would like to kjnow what I can do to use some of the comic pages from your blog (specifically Learning Styles Part 2 posted 8-19-08) in a one-time Train the Trainer I am developing?

No need to post this "comment." I'd be delighted if you would shoot me an email at tkecheney at (I can also be reached at 651-208-0926.)

Thank you!
Terri Cheney
Connect Instructional Design

Anonymous said...

Andrew: This is a final project unlike any other I've ever had the pleasure to experience. See my comments in the cover sheet of the attachment. Congratulations on completing the course in a most unique and wonderful way.

You are an incredibly gifted individual. It is extremely rare that a person is highly talented in the right brain (your comics) and the left brain (your research and writing). This must have taken a tremendous amount of time. By using both comics and writing (along with a little music), you have demonstrated a high degree of understanding of the major concepts in the class.

Brad Colton A 100 4/28/09

Unknown said...


Common sense is not high-fallutin' enough. I propose your term, Bozzo's Theory of Perceptive Selection.


Thanks for the comments. I'm willing to share this comic for people to use for educational purposes. A voluntary donation would be welcome. Hey, I've got to buy more paper, pens and inks!

Mat Malloy said...