Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's in the Box?

This comic was for an anthology that was proposed but never published. The idea was to have several artists make stories that had to do with a box -- the contents of which would never be revealed.


Paul Bozzo said...

I like a lot of the little things you're doing - the dark around the first view of OBSTRUCTOR really shows him off, the many breakouts of your panels, "or not!", the lump on your head, whoops, I mean Andar's head. Great story line, too.

Ben Villarreal said...

"What's in the box?" So was the box going to be like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction where the characters see what's inside, but the camera only shows the light that comes out of it? 'Cause that really bugged me ;-)

Unknown said...

I never saw that movie -- but that would be one way to approach the idea.