Friday, November 7, 2008

The Gospel According to Marvel Comics

Thanks to Comics Coverage for pointing out these examples of superhero comics showing characters taking time to wax philosophical on the existence and character of a higher power. For instance, Captain America, though racing the clock to find and dismantle a bomb takes time to counter the taunts of Batroc the Leaper with words of Truth!

And the Watcher, below, counters the heresies of the frantic Sue Storm (Invisible Girl).


Ben Villarreal said...

Good find, Mr. Wales!
You should also check out Simcha Weinstein's Up, Up, and Oy Vey!. His book's all about the influences of Jewish culture and tradition on superheroes. Before reading it, I had no idea so many comic writers and artists were Jewish! And Weinstein's analogies are pretty sweet.

Unknown said...


I haven't read that book yet, but am anxious to check it out some day. While doing my master's research project I read about a lot of what you're talking about. I hadn't noticed before how many parallels between the story of the infant Moses and the baby Superman. And the name Kal-el is very close to the Jewish for "All that God is".

Ben Villarreal said...

Yeah, Weinstein has a lot of cool stuff like that. In fact, Jor-El means something similar, but I forget what...
And his connection between the Jewish myth of the Golem and the Incredible Hulk is really cool!

Unknown said...

Ok, now I've got to get that book!