Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eclectic Comics Coming Soon!

I am looking into a Print on Demand service for my next self-published comic. Because it's going to have a little of everything from slapstick to biography, I'm calling it Eclectic Comics. You might find any kind of comic strip in it. What ties it together is they were all made by me, except for the pages done by guest cartoonist, Anna Wales.

The cover (above) is mostly finished, thanks to computer artist Dan. If the image looks familiar, it's my tribute to Action Comics #1 which came out seventy years ago about this time of year. Compare it to the image below. I just couldn't let this milestone of comics history go by without sullying it with the interpolation of a Mighty Andar image.

I was also inspired by the image below, the cover to Flash Comics #1. I liked how the circles down the side showed you what else you'd see in the comic. I thought it would be a good way to let potential readers see the diversity of what was within.

I'll keep you posted with how it's going. Only a few more pages to draw. I still need to scan a few and make sure the preliminary computer work is up to the printer's specifications. Hopefully soon!

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Marek Bennett said...

Cooooool! Good idea; P.O.D. seems like a great way to do a color-cover creature like this.

I like how "Johnny Thunder" doesn't hog his circle; he stays pretty small, with tiny fists, quietly cracking away at the jaws of bad guys without any real super-powered fireworks... without any thunder, even.