Thursday, March 6, 2008

Donut Boy Color Spectacular

I colored the Donut Boy comic strip I described in an earlier post. I shrunk them on a color copier so that I could scan them, so the colors aren't exactly "true", but pretty close. Now I just need to put the pages in a frame.


Marek Bennett said...

Andy --

This looks GREAT in color! I love it when people reclaim cultural icons and use them without the legal permission of the corporations that THINK they own them.

This fits in nicely with your Norman Rockwell Museum class last month. I hope you get commissions for more superheroes!

-- Marek

-- Marek

Unknown said...

Thanks, Marek. I certainly wouldn't try to publish the DC properties without their permission, but it was fun to draw them.

After all, I wouldn't want to see unauthorized Mighty Andar stories floating around out there! (I'm sure people are just chomping at the bit to make them too!)