Saturday, November 10, 2007

Challenge #12: Make a Photo Comic

This was our challenge this week at 52 Comics Challenges:
Homework for Artists & Writers:
Take photos of your friends to use as the drawings in your comic. Create a 1 - 2 page coming using only photos. Reuse photos if necessary, but try to use at least 6-10 photos. Once you have your photos, create your comic like normal, using word balloons, captions and sound effects.
Well, I had to make a flier by Monday to take with me to the National Conference of Teachers of English. I'm not following the guidelines to the challenge exactly, but I did use a couple photos in comic format. I'm afraid it's the best I can do at this point.

I'll be presenting at the conference on the topic of Using Comics to Teach Literary Devices. The flier is to have available in case anyone would want me to come speak at their school on the topic.

The flier I created is here.


Anonymous said...

Was that photo taken in Mansfield? It has that kind of retro college classroom vibe. Great flier, by the way. I felt like I should invite you for a speaking engagement. :P

Unknown said...

Yes, that is MU during the Endless Mountains Writing Project.

anna said...

Guess who is the new Flashlight cartoonist!