Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sketchnotes & Comics Workshop for Students & Teachers

Recently I've had the pleasure of presenting workshops for teachers and kids on Sketchnotes and Comics.  After an introductory presentation last week for teachers, we tried it with kids today at the Endless Mountains Writing Project camp for youth -- Writing with Power!

We've heard for years that the use of graphic organizers is an effective research-based teaching strategy.  Both sketchnotes and comics provide simple tools students can use to create their own graphic organizers as they listen and learn.

We looked at some of the sketchnotes and tips from master sketchnoters Mike Rohde and others.  As I presented information, ideas and tips, students made their own first page of sketchnotes.  Many teachers also tried their hand at making their first page of sketchnotes.

Studies have found that even if you're just doodling while you're listening, you'll remember more.  Better yet, let's take advantage of the Picture Superiority Effect, which demonstrates that pictures combined with text promotes significantly better memory retention.
Teacher Sketchnotes by Ms. Winters

In this post are a few of the first sketchnotes created by students (and a teacher) as they constructed their own visuals that illustrated concepts being presented.

Sketchnotes by Nate Wales, age 11

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