Sunday, March 23, 2014

Conference Sketch Notes

If you see me at a conference or receiving any kind of instruction, I will most likely be doodling.  I have learned over the years that it helps me to focus.  Usually, I try to think like an illustrator.  If this were a commission, how would I present this information in a graphic format?  You have to work fast, but I find that in  addition to helping me focus, I remember what I'm hearing better and understand it better.  I think in pictures.  I think some of our kids do as well.  I try to encourage them to go ahead and doodle, but not to tune out!  How can you make images and symbols that will help you remember what you are learning. Here are some of my recent "Sketch Notes".  Our presenter was Carol Gardner, who explains things well, and with picturesque language and humor, so the drawings just flowed, as you can see.  Some of them were a little rough, so I redrew them at home and colored them. 

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