Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pierre the Patriot

A few days ago I had the honor and privilege of talking on the phone with Pierre H. Mattise, the grandson of Henri Matisse.  What fascinating stories he had of visiting and interacting with his grandfather, and helping with the French Resistance during WWII.  It's possible that one or more of his anecdotes may appear in the next issue of Artist to Artist. At any rate, he's an artist himself, and obviously inspired by his heritage.  Visit his sight and check out his wonderful paintings and cut-paper creations.

I made the drawing above as my gift to Pierre and his wife Jeanne.  I'm going to send it to them with an issue of Artist to Artist.


Matt said...

Whoa! Your commitment to exploring art and artists is very inspiring. Keep up the fine work, sir.

Cathy Smith said...

I laughed with happiness when I saw how you captured the essence of Pierre! You nailed him! I cannot begin to tell you what a privilege it is to know Jeanne and Pierre and call them "friend".