Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Got Ink? Comics Workshop at the Norman Rockwell Museum

I just got back from Massachusetts, where I presented a two-day comics workshop for teens at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The event was called Got Ink? I showed the participants how to create original characters, and tricks for keeping a character's look consistent throughout a story. We also completed activities important in making comics: developing ideas, drawing rough sketches or thumbnails, laying out pages, penciling and inking with pen and ink. The workshop will continue this week with Tim Callahan (fantastic comics writer) teaching other comics making skills.

As we were working, some of the participants started talking about the comedian Jim Gaffigan's "Bacon" routine. They got everybody laughing and soon we all had ideas for comics about the irresistible power of this breakfast food. This led to a mini-comic in which everybody contributed one page. I believe that it is the first comic ever in which every single page is about bacon!

Below are some pictures of the workshop. Comics created will follow in a future post!


nsousanis said...

Hey Andy, this project is great - what a treat for the kids and looks like a lot of fun for you. Enjoyed the Bacon strips from you and the kids too! Keep up the good work, Nick

Wayne Beeman said...

Outstanding! Your persistence has provide many opportunities to share your love of comics. Really amazing!