Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Friend, the Follicle Mite

This comic was written by my wife. She was challenged to create an "infomercial" as part of her Mary Kay business group. We thought it would be fun to include artwork. I told her it would have to be in comic form, "'cuz that's how I roll!" Anyway, it was fun to research the follicle mite and imagine their lives.


Paul Bozzo said...

Ha ha ha - except boys don't have them, right?

Ben Villarreal said...

Between this and the news story about lice this morning, I'm all "bugged out" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Real good! I really like how you told her, "That's how I role." Funny!

Perhaps we'll see more team ups with you two again.

I'll start removing my eyeliner and nail polish before bed. Great tip.

Keep up the great work!

Till again, Wayne Beeman

Anonymous said...

Nice little infomercial, but I was hoping for a new villian for the Mighty Andor to square off against. Guess I'll have to steal the idea. -Manchester