Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sketchbook Habit & Staying Inspired --One Artist's Journey

Today I was the guest speaker at a drawing class at Mansfield University. I gave a Power-point slide show about using sketchbooks and finding inspiration from the great master artists throughout history -- as well as some of the really great comics being made right now. I took a big stack of my old sketchbooks with me, and all kinds of artsy comics to share. I also got to sit in on a Printmaking class and a Two-Dimensional Design class. It is great to work with little artists, but also great to spend the day seeing the awesome things these "big kids" can make.

In the photo above, I'm sharing a big box of my own sketchbooks I've filled over the years, as well as many of the small press comics artists that inspire me.


Ben Villarreal said...

Very cool! I need to use my sketchbook more often. And I loved getting to sit on at our university's Printmaking class--that's where I got to make my cool Superman T-shirt :-)

James Gurney said...

How inspiring! I think it's awesome that you brought a whole box of sketchbooks to look through. I wish I had seen your presentation when I was in high school or college!

Paul Bozzo said...

Thanks for sharing one artist's path! I really liked how you explained that you just have to do your art - for yourself! I must design a lesson around your sketches of famous paintings because the drawn versions were so cool and most of the students were excited by the concept - and they have favorite paintings already in mind!