Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Comics are here!

Today was the day the first Wednesday Comics came out. I sat down to read them and Nathan immediately crawled into my lap to be read to. One of my favorite childhood memories is Mom or Dad reading the Sunday Funnies, and this new weekly comic from DC provides the same kind of weekly serial reading experience. The difference is that they are all adventure stories about Superman, Batman and many other superheroes, including some of the lesser known characters like Kamandi, Metamorpho, and the Metal Men.

It looks like they have some of the very best writers and artists working on this. Some of the art looks very retro -- which makes me happy because I say, "There's no school like the old school."
Wednesday Comics can be found at your nearest comic shop.


Ben Villarreal said...

Hittin' the comic book store on Friday! Can't wait!

Josh Blair said...

I can't wait to read this. I didn't have the money to pick it up yesterday, so I'll have to wait until next Wednesday when I can pick up two issues.

Paul Bozzo said...

Great photo of you and Nathan!