Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crash Landing

"There's definitely something strange about the atmosphere of this planet..."

I've been trying to piece together all the ABC Challenge strips into one story. There was one big gap in the first part of it that I wanted to fill. These strips will be part one of an epic that will be serialized in Eclectic Comics.


Paul Bozzo said...

Thanks for the Tom Petty music! I like the full black of your outerspace background. Nice buffing job, too.

Dave H said...

Page 2, panel 3 made me laugh out loud. Your hero is quite an optimist. Good work.

Unknown said...

Paul, I have decided that if The Mighty Andar is ever made into a movie, that it will have lots of Tom Petty songs in the soundtrack. Bruce Willis will play the part of me or Andar and Sandra Bullock will play the part of my wife Kristan (The Dancing Queen). Of course, Bruce will have to wear some kind of prosthetic stomach apperatus.