Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Superman Finds New Fans Among Reading Instructors

There's an article in the New York Times today about schools currently using comics in education. It's a really good article called Superman Finds New Fans Among Reading Instructors. Here's a quote from it, but if you are interested, read the whole article here.

Some parents and teachers regard comics, with their sentences jammed into bubbles and their low word-to-picture ratio, as part of the problem when it comes to low reading scores and the much-lamented decline in reading for pleasure. But a growing cadre of educators is looking to comics as part of the solution.

"It's very much a teacher-led kind of movement in that teachers are looking for ways to engage their children, and they're finding some of that in comic books," said Michael Bitz, who founded the Comic Book Project as a graduate student and is now its director. "For kids who may be struggling and for kids who may be new to the English language, that visual sequence is a very powerful tool."
This is no news to me and to many others who learned to read by reading comics, but it's great to see the Establishment coming around.

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