Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Virtual Tour of my Art Room

Here is one corner of my art room at Rowe Junior High -- the portion that was somewhat orderly when I was taking pictures. This area shows a display I have showing the comics making process.
The centerpiece of this display is a gift from graphic novelist Chris Schweizer. The creator of Crogan's series of graphic novels gave us a gift of original comic art -- a page from Crogan's Vengeance. Along with a comics page, he gave us the thumbnail sketch for this page, and another piece that shows the whole process of making a comic -- from idea to finished art.

This photo is my collection of artist action figures, including Van Gogh and Warhol. They don't make nearly enough of these, but there is a Michelangelo that is on my Christmas list this year.

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Wayne Beeman said...

Outstanding! You've done great modification to the room. It truly inspires me.

I hope your time at the middle school is going well.

Till again, Wayne