Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Comics of J.B. Winter

Check out the comics of J.B. Winter. He does a lot of mini-comics and art experiments that I think are really cool. He is really pushing the boundaries of what a comic can be. Some of his experiments have included his 24-Hour Comic for this year that was drawn in 24 panels outdoors with chalk on a parking lot.

The year before his 24-Hour Comic was drawn with edible food coloring on tortillas and eaten by other participants in the challenge.

He has also done an interesting experiment where he gathered the work of 50 cartoonists (one from each state) to do a panel in his 50 States Jam comic.

However, my favorite work of his is Noodle -- I really like the visual puns and open-ended aspects. I like how he uses schematics and diagrams to show more about an incident or concept than we typically see in comics. Most comics are almost like a movie on paper, but Winter's have unique ways of showing what was in the character's pockets, what happened before, what will happen next.

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Colin Tedford said...

I second that recommendation! Looking forward to JB's next comic, whenever it may come out.

(Hi Andy! I arrived here via Google because I'd forgotten JB's address, and one of the first results was this post - small world!)