Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reviewed at the Optical Sloth

A review of Eclectic Comics #1 and #2 appears at Optical Sloth. It's always interesting to see how my work is perceived by others. It's even good to hear the criticism, since friends are usually too nice to point those things out. Comics appreciation is subjective, so what one person likes about something just might be what someone else hates. As the Amish say, "He who builds to every man's advice ends up with a crooked house." So I guess you take what you think you can use and discard the rest.

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Paul Bozzo said...

The reviews were quite interesting - especially the last line about your comics growing on him (the reviewer) bit by bit! All in all a positive review - how could it be anything else???

(I'd like to see the Monet story continued, too! You need some extra time to do that. If I win the lottery, I'll get you a year's sabatical!)(Did I say "if" - darn.)