Monday, December 29, 2008

Mini-Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors

What if Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame had drawn for Marvel Comics? Well, if he had, it might have looked something like the comics in this book -- Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors. When I present on comics in education, I'm often ask which titles are best for younger viewers. This is one I'd heartily recommend for any age. We bought it to put in my two-year old's Christmas stocking this year. He's fascinated by the characters and sits still for the longest time listening to someone reading it to him. The neat thing about the book is that it provides a lot of chuckles to the older kids in the house and even their dad! It's very clever, with a lot of inside jokes for the diehard Marvel fan.

As I understand it, Marvel was on the fence as to whether they should publish this or not. They were surprised when it sold out in under a month. It's now getting a second printing and they'll also be putting out some other Mini Marvel digests. I hope that they get the message that there is a market for comics that are fun and humorous and inviting to kids and publish more stuff like it.

The artist is Chris Giarusso. Check out his website -- there's a lot of really great stuff there.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Mini Marvels is the BEST!

Ben said...

That looks really cool! For whatever reason, I'm always fascinated when established lore takes its adult characters (regardless of affiliation) and makes them schoolchildren :-) Have you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? Aside from being an amazing cartoon, they did a mini-episode like that, with all the characters drawn in the super-deformed anime style! It was hilarious!