Friday, November 28, 2008

Fringe Files

Fringe Episode Recap by Erin Fox

In this week's episode, A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia gets an email from a dead man which leads her to big tubs full of frogs. This cracks the case, since they discover the toads secrete a psycho-active compound, and that the venom they produce in the skin is the compound found in Mark's brain. It's a powerful hallucinogen and targets the fear center in the brain. The man was literally scared to death!

Olivia thinks she's wrapped her head around this: that Mark hallucinated the cuts and then his body made them happen. Later, Olivia admits to Walter that John Scott lead her to the toads. He says his memories are still trapped in her mind. She wants to know how long these "visits" will keep happening, because she wants to get rid of him and fast. So, what does Walter suggest? Another trip to the dunk tank!

You can watch full episodes here -- every episode so far!

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grant said...

My wife and I just started watching that on It is amazing!