Sunday, October 5, 2008

Support Your Local Comics Shop!

Comics are not always easy to find! When I was a kid, every convenient store and grocery store had a spinner rack crammed with comics for 35 cents. Nowadays, I guess they don't think it's worth their while to stock them. If you do find them, they are $4 apiece now -- while at a comics store they are still $3 each.

I love the name of our local comics store -- Heroes Your Mom Threw Out. Most comics collectors have horror stories of how their collections disappeared during Mom's spring cleaning at some point. You can reclaim those lost childhood treasures at a comics shop! I have literally found the very issues I enjoyed as a kid at this comics shop at very reasonable prices. Heroes has dollar bins, 50 cent bins and even quarter bins occasionally.

This is Jared Aiosa, who owns and runs the store. The Hero-Bot is the store mascot. I first met Jared when he was in sixth grade at Burnham Elementary and I was his art teacher. Now he's an entrepreneur. You can see in the background that in addition to having new comics and back issues, Heroes also has tons of graphic novels and trade paperback collections of classic runs of comics. This comic shop is in downtown Elmira Heights, NY and if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop in and check it out!

Phone: (607) 737- 1347
Store Hours: Wed, Thur, Fri - 10am to 6:30 p.m., Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.
Location: 312 W. 14th Street. There's a map below.


Ben said...

What a great name for a comic book store!
I sorta posted about my local comic book store, though admittedly, I was a little perturbed in that post. But I am definitely glad I have one so close by, and I visit whenever I'm in Santa Fe ;-)

looka said...

Hello Andy,
I come here by the way of the ISR forum! I like what I see! BIG TIME!

Also, that Comicshop looks great, I can relate to that title. Will go there. Thank you for the directions.