Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold was a comic book in the Silver Age. It was a team-up book in which Batman usually guest starred with one other hero in solving a crime. Now there's a new cartoon with the same name debuting on Cartoon network on November 14 at 7:30. I'm betting Nathan Wales and his daddy will enjoy watching it together.


Dave H said...

The Brave and The Bold was my favorite. They would go to ridiculous lengths to get Batman to team up with absolutely every character in DC Comics (Jonah Hex and Sgt. Rock come to mind). One of my early heroes, the great Jim Aparo was the artist for most of the run. He was one of the few super hero artists that pencilled, inked AND lettered his books.

Andrew Wales said...

I was a big Jim Aparo fan as well, but wasn't aware he inked and lettered his own work. That is impressive!

Ben said...

Yet another reason we need to get Cartoon Network! Any word if it'll be from the same team (Bruce Timm, Andrea Romero, etc.) who worked on the old Batman animated series, Superman Adventures, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited shows? I hope so; I don't like the people writing/animating the new Batman series >:-(

Andrew Wales said...


Most of that team is not involved, but there is one creator from JLU involved. It looks a lot better than the manga-ish Batman Strikes cartoon. I think that flopped.

This seems to have a lot more humor and slightly campy. Looks fun to me, especially to enjoy with kids.

Here's an interview with the creators:


Paul Bozzo said...

I'm glad that the Sponge Bob music plays with your new post. Reading comics long ago really were some of "the best days ever" - getting lost in a fantasy world! Of course the real world is pretty fantastic, too!