Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Mighty Andar -- Off to a Running Start (Nomad Sketches)

1. A Person Running.

I think you've gathered by now that I like to make cartoons and comic strips. I've even made them professionally, but I've never been taught a lesson on this art form. Though I went to school for art, it was sometimes accepted if you wanted to pursue it, or even "pooh-poohed", but no one taught you anything about it. When I read about college courses or even college majors completely devoted to comics, I'm jealous!

I just got a new book called Drawing Words & Writing Pictures. This book is actually used in college comics courses. What's neat about it, is it's also set up so that the independent learner can follow along, either as a Ronin (self-directed learner) or a Nomad (part of a group). I've joined an online group who is working through the assignments and posting our assignments for critique from one another.

This blog post is the class work for Lesson 1. The assignments are opportunities to show motion and action using speed lines, motion lines, and emanata.
2. A Car Speeding.

3. A Ball Falling.

4. A Person Staggering.

5. A Newspaper Page Blowing in the Wind.
"Yesterday's News", which, of course tells the sad tale of John Edwards.

Scenario 1: A ball crashes through a window into a (room) and rips through the newspaper of a person sitting inthe room. Optional: A dog catches the ball in midair after it comes through the newspaper.

I didn't intend to make the dog look like Snoopy, but that's how it turned out. Maybe this is Charlie Brown in his older years.
Scenario 2: Person 1 trips person 2. Person 1 is laughing, person 2 is trying to catch him or herself and is knocking over a lamp.

Here the Mighty Andar is being vexed by Snarly, the Angry Clown.

Scenario 3: Two guys are fighting. Guy 1 throws a rock at guy 2. Guy 2 is hit by a rock, which makes hima ccidentally shoot his gun into the air. The bullet hits and breaks a chain holding up a heavy lamp over guy 1's head.

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Paul Bozzo said...

Nice group of motions. The staggering picture really is. Fun to look at. Which is the point.